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Queen Slash is a place I mod and co-created. Honestly, you should join. The stories are great and the members are great, and what a combonation!
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Just saying is all.... [Monday
December 31st at 11:45 pm]
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Comment to be added. Just know that the majority of my entries are rantings and ravings about a lot of strange things, I tend to spam often with a whole heap of really meaningless entries in one day and I go on a lot about my favourite celebrities. I also post my dreams when they're worth posting, and that generally means they're meaningless and often feature my favourite celebrities. If you can dig all that, welcome to the madness ;)

Kudos to lewisboogie for the most excellent banner :)
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Announcment... [Monday
July 3rd at 11:04 am]
Told you it was coming.... Friends Cut. If you want to stay, comment and let me know and I'll keep you on. There are people I've just added, I won't drop you, and of course, there are people I couldn't comprehend cutting. It's just time for me to whittle back on the 100+ I have on my flist - I find there are entries that I just skip over, because I just don't have the time anymore. Makes me sad, but those are the breaks. So yeh, comment if you wanna stay.
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My album list.... [Sunday
June 11th at 2:23 pm]
Okay... because most of you are music fanatics, I give you my CD list. If ever you want anything, let me know and I'll upload it for you ASAP.

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