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My Heart's Like An Open Book....

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I Don't Do Fake
29 August

If you add me to your flist, it's almost a certainty that I'll add you back.... but make sure we have a few things in common before ya do. It's hard for me to get on with people I don't have any common bonds with....

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Seriously, I'm just me. I'm a writer, photographer and artist. Am I brilliant at any of those things? Yes I am. No I'm not. It's art, who cares, some think I'm a genius, others think I'm just an idiot. Whatever you think is fine by me, so long as you think.

I'm a tomboy. I'm also extremely girly. Makeup and hair and clothes, I love them all. I cry when I throw shoes out. Getting rid of clothes is like selling my children into white slavery. But I'm not a brand or label whore. If I like it, it looks good on me, and I can afford it, I'll get it.

Music is my life. I love just about anything that is real.... from classical right up to new stuff. Favourite artists include Motley Crue, Vivaldi, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Liszt, Beethoven and Queen.

junkshopjezebel is my soul sister and I'll love her forever. No one has ever understood and accepted me as readily as you have.
dontquestionme is my oldest friend... she's known me since I was an egg :) I thank you for playing Dr Feelgood endlessly when it came out and getting me hooked on Time For Change, and I thank you for helping me get hooked on Crue entirely - Vince Neil sang to us!!!! ;)
ms_mercury, fantasticdrowse and lewisboogie are, in no particular order, without doubt, three of the coolest people I have ever met anywhere - online or in real life. You girls rock and one of these days we will hook up for a massive Queen fest!
warrants is my twin. If not the Tommy to my Nikki, she's definitely the Mick :)
queenslashfic is the community I run on LJ. Strangely enough, it's a Queen slashfic community. Check it out, if it's your desire to do so. Only just started up, not much happening on there yet.... but give it time =)
monkeesslash is the other community I run here. And as you may have guessed, it's a Monkees slashfic community. It's a wonderful self-regulating community, with some of the best behaved slash writers I've ever known in my life!
motleyslash is the other other community I run here. Can you guess what it's for? Yup, Motley Crue Slash fic.... are we seeing a theme emerge at all? So I'm perverted, fuck off. Just join the comm.

I love South Park and pretty much anything else to do with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. My many South Park song Parodies can be found here http://www.spfanfics.netfirms.com/contents/songs_remer.html
Go there, laugh and love me.

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